Cosmogony 121: Betelgeuse Burger

The contents of these burgers are a closely guarded secret. It is rumoured that no one knows the recipe in its entirety, but once a year five executives from Betelgeuse Corp gather on a satellite orbiting Betelgeuse VII. Each executive possesses a key to a safe that holds the recipe. Together they assemble and disassemble a burger from scratch, confirming the recipe’s integrity right down to the molecular structure of the special sauce. The Betelgeuse Burger got its name because it’s big. Very big. No one should be able to finish a Betelgeuse Burger, but everybody does because of the addictive nature of the sauce. All employers at Betelgeuse Corp are required to complete Diplomas of Burger Assemblage.

Cosmogony – An Encyclopaedia of the Future


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