Cosmogony 1243: Binary Loans

A money lending chain founded by Nostradamus Noke in 2910, in ninety years Binary Loans grew from a small payday loan business to a successful franchise operating on both Crete 581d and Crete 581f. It avoids the Cretan 581d corporate tax rate of 30% by sending its revenue to holding companies on Crete 581f where the rate is 5%.

Senator Hadrian of Crete 581d admonished Binary Loans for its connections to organised crime and urged the Cretan Anti-Corruption Commission (CACC) to investigate. The investigation has been in committee stage for 30 years. Committee findings have included high-handed sales techniques, inscrutable contracts, hidden fees, pyramid scheming and an unhealthy work environment.

The Cretan Health Authority (CHA) criticised Binary Loans three years ago when the Board gave all employees at managerial level bonuses including boutique smart-watches and possibly cigars.

Possible cigars (Wikimedia)

The CACC and CHA have teamed up to progress investigations beyond parliamentary committee stage.

Binary Loan’s catchphrase is “We have your interest in mind.”

From Doctor Boson’s Cosmogonyan encyclopaedia of the future


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