I grew up wanting to build a spaceship to escape from my own backyard. I started this project underneath the house and my craft never made it to the launching site, my next door neighbour's balcony. So I restarted this project in my imagination a few years ago and the result is Rocket Science and Space Juice.

These hefty tomes are available as ebooks on most Amazon stores throughout this sector of the galaxy. You can also find my books on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and Overdrive.

I would love you to just click on the links and buy, buy, buy, but clicking links requires effort. So I assure you, the books are readable in their own right. They will enrich your life in much the same that George Orwell's 1984 enriched mine. Don't believe me?  Ok, I'm marginally overstepping the mark. But find out for yourself - click on the covers for a sample.

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