I grew up wanting to build a spaceship to escape from my own backyard. I started this project underneath the house and my craft never made it to the launching site: my next door neighbour's balcony. So I reconfigured this project in my imagination and the result is Rocket Science and Space Juice.

As I wrote them over a period of twenty-years I never quite attained the completeness of narrative, tone and style that becomes a good book. So they are being rewritten. Each chapter will be published here. You will have a chance to comment, maybe get an anecdote in the book, and most importantly, help improve them!

Of course, you can support me by buying the substandard versions already available, becoming one of those unique persons who soon will own a limited first edition! The limited first editions available for a limited time are available as ebooks and paperbacks on most Amazon stores throughout this sector of the galaxy. You can also find them on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and Overdrive.

I would love you to just click on the links and buy, buy, buy, but clicking links requires effort. So I assure you (apart from the disclaimer above) the books are readable in their own right. This assurance comes with a guarantee that they will enrich your life in much the same way that writing them enriched mine.

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