I grew up wanting to build a spaceship to escape from my own backyard. I started this project underneath the house and my craft never made it to the launching site: my next door neighbour's balcony. So I reconfigured this project in my imagination and the result is Rocket Science and Space Juice.

You can read the first two Tales from the Orion Arm on my website, and if you like them, consider a purchase on Amazon or one of the stores below.

A free eBook version (ePub, mobi etc) of Rocket Science is available on Smashwords. And you can also purchase both of the books on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, Apple Books and Overdrive.

Rocket Science, Chapter 1.
Space Juice , Chapter 1.


Rocket Science cover

Cover for science fiction novel, Space Juice, showing a red planet, a tower and a spaceship leaving.

I've also written a picture book with Margaret Wild (my mother - a children's book author), illustrated by Donna Rawlins. Martha tours the Museum of Famous People, imagining how they lived...and what they ate!

cover of The Amazing Meals of Martha Maloney, a children's book by Margaret Wild, Dan Wild and Donna Rawlins

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